Every Bid Wins

Two vacations to Mexico will be provided on consignment to the event.

One is a 4-night vacation and the other is a 7-night vacation.

Cost of the 4-night vacation is $599.00 and the 7 night is $799.00

Start the bidding at $699 for the 4 night and $899 for the 7 night

Bid increments are $100.00

When someone bids, they will win the vacation, but the bidding can continue.

Each person who outbids the previous will also win the vacation.  

This will be noted on the bid sheet that we will provide for each vacation.


Revenue Example:

Bid amount         Net profit for Event

$699.00                 $100.00

$799.00                 $200.00

$899.00                 $300.00

$999.00                 $400.00

*If you have 4 bidders, you will net $1.000.00 on the program


PDF Download

Mitch Stuart 4 night Mexico Flyer

Mitch Stuart 7 night Mexico Flyer

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