Exploding Golf Ball Fundraiser

How it works

Sell the golf balls at the registration/check-in table either as a stand- alone program or part of a bundled mulligan package. This is also a very sponsor friendly sponsorship opportunity! If the player agrees to purchase, have them randomly pick a ball out of a bucket. They will know that it is either an exploding ball or a streamer ball. On a designated tee box on the course, have the players hit their normal shot for tournament play, then, move over to the side and hit their exploding ball. Have a photographer or videographer there to capture the images. The player who has chosen the streamer ball and hits it, will win the challenge, totally random.  When hit, the streamer ball will break apart and a 15 foot ribbon will fly down the fairway. For a 100 player tournament, we will ship 99 exploding balls and 1 streamer ball. This program is a unique fundraiser, and fun twist to the tournament, while helping to increase the fundraising effort.

Golf Ball Fundraiser Package includes:

  • 99 exploding golf balls
  • 1 streamer golf ball
  • Tee sign that can be customized with a sponsor’s logo/name
  • A certificate for a $200.00 Pebble Beach Apparel shopping spree for the winner
  • Package cost is $395.00

*If more balls are needed to accommodate a larger event, there will be a modest surcharge based
on the number of balls needed.

Exploding Golf Ball Challenge PDF Download

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