Donated items for a golf tournament fundraiser

Many golf tournaments are charitable based and are looking to maximize funds for their cause.  The golf tournament committee often looks for goods and services to be donated.  These would include player arrival gifts, hole in one insurance/contests, awards, breakfast/lunch/dinner, etc.  The golf tournament incurs no expense for donated items, however, no revenue is produced.   Be mindful of the revenue you are conceding for donated items.

Golfers are somewhat selfish in nature.  They typically use their company budget to fund participation in golf tournaments.  However, the player personally reaps the benefit of what they receive.  If a player does not think a golf tournament is giving away  proportionate player gifts, they will keep the money budgeted but will redirect it to another golf tournament where they receive greater benefits.  

There is nothing wrong with giving away 5-8 items in the player goody bag, as long as each one is sponsored.  Find sponsors for each item and brand with their logo.  Take it a step further and ask the sponsoring companies to personally hand out their item to each player at the golf tournament.  From the sponsor’s perspective, this creates 144 sales calls in a two hour period.  If the demographics are right, this is a wonderful value and exposure for the sponsoring company.  

Let’s take a look at the numbers.  Instead of having a company donate golf balls to the golf tournament, select a golf ball you would like to receive - a Callaway Warbird.   The cost of these balls averages $4.75 per sleeve.  For a full field, the total cost of the golf balls would be $684.00.  Find a contributor and charge $1500.00 for the golf ball sponsorship.  Now, you have just deposited $616.00 in the bank, covered the cost of the balls, and given your players a high quality product.  This method can be applied to many items.  Control the quality of the gift and generate revenue.

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