Par 3 Poker Challenge

This golf fundraiser program is a wonderful way to raise more money and add fun to the players overall tournament experience.   A complete turnkey program includes the par 3 poker game cards, 5 decks of playing cards and a $100 Callaway Gift Card for the winning hand.

How It Works

  1. Game is normally initiated at the registration table as a stand alone offer or a value added item for the Super Ticket program.
  2. Each participating player receives a game card and picks a playing card at the registration table.
  3. Tournament management has a table at each par 3 hole (normally four). Player selects one card from a deck. Staff identifies which card is selected and marks the challenge card. After all par 3 holes, the player will have selected five cards.
  4. The player with the highest rated hand wins a $100 Callaway Gift Card provided by Above Par Promotions.
  5. The average charge to the player, if a stand alone contest, ranges from $5 to $20.


Cost of the program is only $250.00 and includes up to 144 game cards, 5 decks of playing cards and a $100 Callaway Gift Card.

Sample Challege Card

Sample Par 3 Challenge Card

Helpful Tips

  1. It is important to advertise this contest in the pre tournament communications.
  2. There are some logistics to insure a successful contest.
  3. Each Par 3 hole must be staffed. Every participant must be reminded to draw a card at each event hole. The staff must mark the participants card. There must be staff available to tally the cards and select a winner.
  4. This is a great sponsor opportunity for visibility throughout the event. The Sponsor can use their staff at each par 3 on the course to distribute and mark the challenge card.

Call Toll Free: 877-398-0844

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