Putting Contest

Have you ever participated in a putting contest that requires you to make a 60 foot putt in order to win an prize? It’s not very fun or a good way to invest in the event. Here is another format for a putting contest that expands participation and creates a framework to raise revenue. No videotaping, certification or claim process.

The best part: average time to complete is 30 minutes for 140 players.

Here’s how it works: (Estimated revenue subject to change based on sell price.)

Secure a nice prize with wide appeal. (Trip, airline tickets, cash, motorcycle, etc.) This prize WILL BE GIVEN AWAY AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE PUTTING EVENT! No maybes about it. Someone walks away a winner. Suggestion: Have a company donate the prize in return for sponsoring the putting contest.

Develop pricing for two items: 1. A “Grand Ticket” which includes 2 mulligans, a door prize ticket and entry into Round 1 of the Putting Contest. (Recommended package price $50.) The Grand Ticket is configured to show Rounds 1-5 of the contest. 2. Sell a “Final Pass” and automatically advance the player into the final round of the putting contest. (Recommended sell price $150.) Player must carry the ticket or pass with them to the contest.

Course Logistics:

The putting green has several stations, each with a cup. The distance of the putt is the same at each station. Participants are randomly assigned to stations on the putting green for Round 1. At each station, putting contestants will draw a numbered poker chip to determine the putting order. Putters are to remain in the order.

Contestants make 1 putt at the station. If they make the putt, they advance to Round 2. A volunteer validates an “X” on the Grand Ticket at the appropriate round to signify participation in the next round.

If putt is missed and contestant wants to continue to the next round, the volunteer punches the Grand Ticket indicating the amount owed to buy in. Contestant rejoins the contest in the same putting order. If the participant decides not to continue after a miss, the Grand Ticket is surrendered to the station volunteer and ticket is marked putting “suspended”.

All participants who are still in the contest for Round 2 will gather around a new station and redraw for the putting order. Stations on the putting green are reset with the next incremental distance from the cup. Process continues until a single
winner remains, or qualified participants move to the final round.

In the Final Round contestants move to a final station with the specified putt distance. The participants draw for their final putting order. The final round is sudden death; the last person standing wins the prize.

Round Pricing:

No money required beyond Grand Ticket investment if putts are made.

Round 1 - $50 (Initial Grand Ticket purchase at check in table)

To continue after missed putt:

Round 2 - $10

Round 3 - $20

Round 4 - $30

Round 5 - $40

Final Pass to the final round - $150 (Automatically advances to the final round)

Putt Lengths

Recommended lengths:

Rounds 1-3, 5 feet

Rounds 4-5, 8 feet

Final Round 10 feet

Tips for increasing revenue:

  1. Keep putts short and straight. You want the players to feel they have a great chance at making the next putt. If they miss, you want them to be confident enough to “buy” up into the next round.
  2. Encourage players to purchase a Final Pass at the check in table. Reiterate that someone WILL WIN the prize advertised.
  3. Have a volunteer attempt a putt at each hole prior to the round beginning to show the contestants the break and speed.

Facts about this contest:

  1. History shows that 85% of playing field will purchase a Grand Ticket. Potential revenue: 144 payers X .85 X $50 = $6120
  2. History shows that 30% of the players who miss a putt, will buy back in. Potential revenue varies.
  3. History shows that 5-7% of the participants will purchase a Final Pass. Potential revenue: 144 X .05 X $150 = $1080

With a full field of golfers, you have the ability to gross $7,000-$10,000 on a putting contest with this format. Success depends on early advertising, encouraging participation at the registration desk, and a great winning prize.

This is a great tournament fundraiser that will get more participants involved and ultimately, raise more money for your tournament.

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