Super Ticket Program

super ticketThe Super Ticket is a combination participant activity and fundraiser. It consists of a virtual scratch card game and a bundled package price for traditional fundraising items typically offered at registration (mulligans, raffle tickets, or drink coupons). The primary purpose is to encourage the participant to purchase everything in one stop. The golfers are not asked for money throughout the day. The most successful events collect funds one time from the golfer. The participant is rewarded with a chance to win a predetermined prize as a bonus for playing the game.

The Super Ticket is the medium to consolidate small dollar purchases into one At the "Heart" of the Program is the: Scratcher Card The front of the ticket can be blank, or customized to advertise your event, list contributing sponsors, items included on the Super Ticket and price. The concept is to make the price of the ticket below the value of all the components. The more items included with the ticket, the higher the face value. Offer items on the Super Ticket that cannot be purchased elsewhere in the event, such as a special raffle prize or course contests The back of the “Scratcher Card” is a virtual game of golf — everyone loves to play. A score is tallied after player scratches a medallion for each hole. Low score wins. You can develop your own prize or have one included with your package purchase.

  • This is a bundled mulligan package sold at registration
  • Winning score wins a set of RTIC Tumblers (two 30 ounce, two 20 ounce and two 10 ounce) with winner’s initial or name engraved on each tumbler.
  • Includes custom printing on the back of the scratch card
  • Program is sponsor friendly and can be sold as a sponsorship opportunity
  • Cost is $7.50 per card sold, minimum guarantee of 50 cards
  • Sell for $45.00 and NET $37.50 per card sold
  • Includes a wooden tabletop information sign
  • Includes the Scratch Card Guilt Stickers
  • All unsold cards above the 50 are returned for full credit. Only pay for what you sell

Revenue Example:

  • 140 players in the event
  • Sell 119 cards (the historical buy rate is 85%)
  • 119 tickets X $37.50 Net per card = $4,462.50 NET, with little le or no risk!
  • Recruit a sponsor to underwrite all or part the fixed cost of the Super Ticket program. Most packages offer an option to return unused tickets beyond the minimum required purchase. What about signage? Above Par Promotions will

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