Golf Shootout Contest Coverage

Above Par Promotions provides Golf Shootout Prize Coverage for events with up to a $1,000,000 prize. A Golf Shootout Contest can be exciting and profitable. Consider the marketing and advertising gain by touting a $1,000,000 event. This has great sponsor appeal for a very reasonable price.


A $1,000,000 shot will cost as little at $165.  If your Golf Shootout Contest is charity based, advertise $500,000 to the player and $500,000  to the organization.  Create an additional revenue stream and sell chances to take the shot.   

We offer Golf Shootout Contest Coverage for any value $1,000,000 and below. Type in your desired contest amount in the "My Quote" Section on the right and Review and compare.

Payouts for a $1,000,000 Golf Shootout Contest are in one of three ways: Cash, a 20 year annuity or a 40 year annuity.  The highest premium is for a cash payout and the lowest is for a 40 year annuity.  


*Golf Shootout Contests require extra witnesses and in some cases raw, unedited videotape.  Ask us for specific details.

*All Golf Shootout Contests are conducted from 165 yards.


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