Hole in One Bag Pull


  • One leatherette bag
  • Eight numbered golf balls
  • $200.00 Cutting & Buck Apparel Shopping Spree
  • Every player who participates will receive a 15% off discount coupon from


How the program works:

  1. On a tee of a par 5, have a volunteer there with the bag and balls
  2. For $20.00 a pull, someone can reach into the bag and pull out a numbered ball.  This will be the teams score on the hole. 
  3. If they are not happy with the number, another player can pay $20.00 and pull another ball.
  4. The process is repeated until the team is happy with their number/score.
  5. Goal is to have them pull the number 1 ball


Revenue example:

  • 120 players/30 teams of four
  • 70% of the teams will pay/pull an average of 3 balls from bag
  • 21 teams X $60.00 (three pulls) - $1260.00

Cost of the program is $145.00

*The $200.00 Cutter & Buck Certificate can be used in any way as the tournament likes.  Raffle item, silent auction item, proximity prize (CTTP, Long Drive etc…)

Call Toll Free: 877-398-0844

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