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Why use Above Par Promotions?

We are the leader in the golf tournament fundraising industry.  We have been in business for over 23 years and have worked with thousands of events to make theirs a success.  Our staff has a combined 70 years of golf tournament experience.  There isn't much that we have not seen, heard or experienced.  We are the experts.

How is Above Par Promotions different from other companies?

In addition to offering hole in one insurance and signs, we can supply your event with merchandise and awards, all with the same phone call.  We also have a list of proven golf fundraising programs specifically designed for golf tournaments that have helped our clients raise thousands of dollars.  Above Par Promotions is the true, one stop source for golf tournaments of any size.

Is airfare included in the trip prizes?

Above Par Promotions includes airfare in ALL of our hole in one trip prizes.  Most other HIO companies do not offer airfare as a part of their packages. This is a big point of difference.  It is a disappointment to win a great trip only to discover you must pay the airfare, sometimes $500 to $1,000.  This turns a positive into a negative very quickly and can leave a bad impression on the event or sponsor.

Can Above Par Promotions help me raise additional money for my event?

Yes, we have spent the last 23 years sourcing and identifying golf tournament specific programs that provide fun and unique ways for an event to raise more money during their event.  From our winning Super Ticket  to the Helicopter Golf Ball Drop programs, we have a solution that will fit your tournament and ultimately, help raise more money for your specific organization.

Why is being covered by Chartis Insurance a huge benefit?

Chartis Insurance is part of the world’s largest insurance company with a current AM Best rating of A (Excellent) within the industry.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Their coverage and our rates insure that our customers are getting the absolute best value on the market.   Have peace of mind that your claim will be handled in a professional and credible manner.

How quickly can I secure coverage for my event?

Hole in one insurance coverage can be implemented in a matter of minutes.  The only lead time we need is to print and deliver your custom signage.

How much time is needed to get my signs?

Normally about a weeks notice gives us enough time to design, print and deliver your hole in one signs in the most cost effective manner.  However, we can produce hole in one signs with less lead time, but expedited shipping costs may apply in order to deliver in time for your event.

How can I pay for my hole in one insurance and sponsor signs?

Above Par Promotions accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express and checks.  No cash please.

What happens if I need to change my coverage?

You can call or email Above Par Promotions up to 3:00 pm CST on the day prior to your event and change coverage.  Time, player count, hole numbers and hole yardages can all be changed.  However, new signs, or replacement signs are an additional cost to the event and all related shipping charges.

How is the premium cost determined?

The determining factors of the cost are the number of players, the value of the prizes and the yardage at which the shots are taken.

What can I do if my event is canceled or rescheduled?

You can call Above Par Promotions the day after your original event date to reschedule or cancel the event.  If the event is cancelled and the signs have been printed and delivered, you will be charged for  the cost of the signs and shipping, not the hole in one insurance.

What is the highest prize value I can insure for my event?

You can insure prizes in value up to $1,000,000

What types of prizes can I have at my event?

Above Par Promotions can underwrite any type of prize, as long as we have an associated value.  Cars, boats, cash, trips, clubs, jewelry, and much more can be insured.

What are the witness requirements for a hole in one prize?

Above Par Promotions makes it as easy as possible for your event.  Any prizes valued under $10,000 do not require a witness.  Prizes valued between $10,001 and $49,999 require one witness at the landing area.  Prizes in excess of $50,000 require additional witnesses, based on the value of the prize.

Can I have Club Pros and/or Touring Pros participate in the hole in one contest?

Above Par Promotions and Chartis will insure pros that participate in your event.  These players are rated differently than amateurs, and therefore, have a higher cost.  Just let us know how many you have and we will be happy to let you know what the cost will be.

Can I have a logo printed on my signs?

Above Par Promotions is one of the few companies in the industry that offers logo printing on the signs.  This gives your event or sponsors optimum visibility.  Preferred logo file formats are: Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or higher, JPEG and PDF.   Faxed artwork, letterhead or word files are not appropriate as they will not yield a quality image.

What happens if two people have a hole in one on the same hole?

Above Par Promotions will award the prize to both winners, as long as the total value does not exceed $100,000.  Each of our hole in one contracts has 100% prize restoration, up to the $100,000 mark.

What do I do if I have a winner at my event?

You must contact Above Par Promotions by calling or emailing within 48 hours of the event.  This is a requirement of our underwriter.  We will send you the documents that need to be completed to process the claim.  It’s best if we are notified as soon as it happens.  We will fax  the documents to the course so your players and witnesses can complete them prior to leaving the property.

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